This module discovers what migration is and enables us to trace our own migration history

Fortress Europe

Read the following opinions on the observation of the EU’s external borders by Frontex and its methods.

„We need concepts that are directed against the deportation policies of the West and that demand the right to freedom. The right that every person has: To go or to stay where he wants to. That's why we want to send out the call: No borders, no nations. Our aim is to call for political debate on the right to free movement, as an alternative to EU deportation policies.“ Gini Müller, sctivist for NO-Border
„I know for some we are the "Bad Guys" at Frontex. I read everything which is written about us carefully. I take the criticism seriously. But I am convinced that we are acting properly in the Mediterranean. Through our operations we save lives. The number of boats that try to come over the sea has decreased dramatically.“ Head of the EU-border control agency Frontex, Ilkka Laitinen
„The Frontex operation at the Turkish-Greek border has been the first "rapid reaction force" in the EU since 2010. They want to show that Europe is capable of acting inwardly and outwardly. This posting is an expression of the EU as a whole dealing tougher with refugees. For the first time there are EU officials with weapons in defense against refugees at the border. They try this to keep them from entering Europe. We observe this with concern because it - initially symbolically - expresses that this kind of defense is probably going to be further intensified.“ Elias Bierdel, Borderline Europe
„Thousands of people flee across the Mediterranean to Europe every year for fear of imprisonment, torture and ill-treatment, or because there is war in their home or no life of dignity for them. Many do not reach their destination. At least 1,500 men, women and children drowned in 2011 on their flight to Europe across the Mediterranean. The EU Member States have taken increased measures on border control in recent years. For example, refugee boats are intercepted and pushed back or readmission agreements with countries where human rights are violated have been created. As a result, refugees and migrants are exposed to serious hazards. It appears that guarding the borders of Europe has become more important than protecting and saving lives." Amnesty International
„Securing the EU's external borders must not be neglected. Urgent action is needed. Europe is not a continent of immigration, and it cannot be allowed to become one. Not only is illegal immigration promoted by these conditions, but also organized crime such as people trafficking. Frontex is finally able to control the EU's external borders effectively. Therefore, increase the funding and staff for Frontex.“ Andreas Mölzer, FPÖ (Austrian right wing party)
  • How do you view these arguments?
  • Which reactions do the arguments generate in you?
  • Which statement would you identify yourself with in the discussion?