This module discovers what migration is and enables us to trace our own migration history

Did you know that …

  • … 80 percent of refugees are hosted by developing countries? The nations with the largest number of refugees overall are Pakistan, Iran and Syria.
  • … percentage wise Qatar is the country with the highest proportion of foreigners in the world? 80 percent of residents have a foreign citizenship.
  • … percentage wise Luxembourg is the European country with the largest proportion of foreigners? 43 percent of residents have a foreign citizenship, 31 percent of which are nationals of other EU states.
  • … 43 million people are on the run worldwide? 85 percent of them are so-called internally displaced persons, so people who move within their homelands.
  • … Afghanistan is the country from which most of the refugees live in exile? 2007 three million registered Afghan lived in exile, of which nearly two million live in Pakistan and 910,000 in Iran.
  • … most refugees live in Pakistan? The UN registered 1.7 million international refugees in Pakistan in 2011.
  • … 2/3 of all migrants in Austria come from the EU? Most come from Hungary, Germany and Romania.
  • … most asylum applications were lodged in South Africa during the period 2008-2011? There were 107,000 applications alone in 2011.
  • … in Germany migrants raise the level of education? In 2012 43 percent of immigrants were university graduates, foremen or engineers, compared with 25 percent for those already living in Germany.