This module discovers what migration is and enables us to trace our own migration history

One day diversity

Migration has an impact not only on the lives of people who migrate, but it has far-reaching political, social, cultural, economic and psychological impacts on society. However, since migration is constantly changing, it is not easy to identify the consequences clearly.

Migration, especially internal migration, is driving urbanization. 51.6% of people already live in cities, 60 years ago it was 29.4%.

The diversification of society is an obvious change that causes different reactions in different contexts and countries. So there are many who welcome the new developments, while others react with fear or even hatred.

Economically, the movement of workers or professionals from the countries themselves has an impact on the economy of those countries. On the other hand, the money which migrants send "home" is of great importance to many countries in the South.

Experience a day with an eye on diversity. Observe your environment: How are migration and diversity present in your company and at your area?