This module discovers what migration is and enables us to trace our own migration history

Opening questions

Foreign nationals who come to live in your country are called ...
Correct answer: Immigrants
On the other hand emigration means moving away from one’s own country.
How many people live in a country different from the one they were born in?
Correct answer: 214 million people, approx. three percent of the world’s population
That means that one in 33 people is an international migrant.
Percentagewise: Which of these countries has the highest proportion of foreigners globally?
Correct answer: Qatar
In this Arab Gulf state more than 80% of the residents are foreign nationals. 34% are Indian and Pakistani, 16% Iranian and 5% of other descent. 25% of residents are from other Arab countries. Many of the immigrants are used as cheap labour.
Which country has the highest number of international migrants?
Correct answer: The USA
46 million migrants (12.5% of the population) live in the USA in 2013. The Russian Federation hosted the second largest number of migrants worldwide with 11 million, followed by Germany with 10 million.
Which is the largest immigrant community in the USA?
Correct answer: Latin American
Of the 293 million people who live in the USA, 52 million see themselves as “Hispanics”. However, many of them are US citizens.
What percentage of migrants worldwide is female?
Correct answer: 49%
49% of international migrants are women.
Which country has the lowest percentage of international migrants in 2013?
Correct answer: Indonesia
In Indonesia 0,1 percent of the population are international migrants. China has the same number. India has 0,4 percent and Romania 0,5 percent.
In 2012 around 500 million people live in the EU. How many of them belong to the foreign-born population?
Correct answer: 33 million
That is approximately 6.5% of the population of the EU. Of these people, 13.6 million are citizens of other EU states and 20.7 million third country nationals (4%).
Eurostat 2012
Which European country has the highest proportion of foreigners?
Correct answer: Luxembourg
Luxembourg has a foreign population of 43%, from which 37.1% are citizens of other EU states.
Eurostat 2012
Globally, how many people were fleeing?
Correct answer: 43 million
27,5 million of these refugees flee within their national borders. They are so-called internally displaced persons.
Which country is the main source country of refugees?
Correct answer: Afghanistan
Due to the war in Afghanistan, 2,6 million registered Afghans were in exile in 2012. That means one in four refugees worldwide is Afghan. 95% of Afghan refugees migrated to neighbouring countries like Pakistan and Iran.
Which land is home to the highest number of refugees?
Correct answer: Pakistan
In 2011 1.7 million international refugees lived in Pakistan according to the UN. The majority of them came from Afghanistan.
If a person flees his country and seeks protection in another, he applies for…
Correct answer: Asylum
Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states: "Everyone has the right to seek and enjoy asylum from persecution in other countries.” Fear of persecution may exist for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or because of political beliefs.
How many people sought asylum in the EU-27 in 2012?
Correct answer: 296,700
27,020 people were granted asylum, which means a success rate of around 12%.