This module discovers what migration is and enables us to trace our own migration history

The media and migration

The media play an important role in migration and integration. They are not mere "neutral observers" but have their way of reporting what they report, what words or pictures they use have a decisive influence on societal efforts to integrate people from immigrant backgrounds.

The media and politicians regularly refer to the issue of migration very differently.


Look at two very different media sources more closely. Take for example a newspaper, which you know serves a broad audience and another serving a more intellectual one. Or find a youth medium. The choice is free to you. Observe over a period of two weeks how these two media sources deal with the issue of migration and integration.

  • Search for articles which are written on migration and integration. What proportion of the newspaper is dedicated to them? What sort of content do they have and which sections do they appear in?
  • Does a positive or negative report come across? In which context is it reported?
  • Which words, pictures, metaphors and comparisons are used?
  • Which photos, diagrams and pictures illustrate the article?
  • Are migrants themselves quoted or does the article only report about them?
  • Are particular stereotypes applied?