This module discovers what migration is and enables us to trace our own migration history

Global migration

To receive a short introduction to migration, watch this video to minute 2:39:

214 million people are now considered international migrants. However, this does not include the people who migrate within their own countries. The number of internal migrants is estimated at 714 million worldwide.

Approx. 37% of international migrants come from the Global South to countries of the global North, such as North America, Europe or Australia. Only 10% of the world's refugees go to countries in the global North. The migration from countries of the South to the North, however, has increased in recent decades.

The average age of international migrants is 38.8 years. In 2010 15.6% of migrants worldwide were younger than 20 years old, 36.8% were between 20 and 39 years old.

Migration itself is frequently marked by dangers and obstacles. On the one hand, a certain amount of money needs to be available to make the trip at all, to obtain passports or to bribe border officials. On the other hand, one can rely on "helpers" on the way, acting as traffickers. They build structures on migratory routes, drawing migrants into an exploitative dependency. Every year, about 600,000 to 800,000 people are affected by human trafficking, especially women and children.