Climate change

This topic deals with its causes, symptoms and consequences for nature and people


"The climate will never again be what it used to be. But we must understand how it was in order to know how it will be." Brönnimann, Stefan, Climatologist, University of Bern

You live on planet Earth, regularly satisfying your needs and through your existence and your lifestyle consequently you draw on nature. All people in the world are, on the one hand, involved to varying degrees in the causes of climate change and, on the other hand, affected unequally by its consequences. This means we are not dealing with a spatially limited phenomenon, but a global challenge that should concern all of us.

In this module you will find out what you personally have to do with climate change. It deals with its causes, manifestations and consequences for nature and people. You will also deal with the global inequity between polluters and those affected by climate change; you will encounter UN climate conferences, work independently on international climate protection measures and delve into national and local strategies to curb progressive warming.


  • 19 pages
  • Opening questions
  • Closing questions
  • 1 practical exercise for which you must leave the computer to inform yourself about local climate change measures

Estimated length of the module: approx. 4 hours

  • Developed by: Koshina Switil, Baobab