Civil society

This topic explains what civil society means, how does it work and how we can valorise it


This e-learning module is dedicated to all people:

Who are curious and are willing to get inspired, and who would like to help but need more positive examples of what works in practice in order to get motivated.
Inspirational videos:

Who are teeded off, who are not satisfied with the way some things work and know that it is a worthy occupation to work towards a positive change and for finding better solutions for our problems.
The thoughtful and the clever ones, who understand the nature of things and with a little bit of theoretical background can get a better overview on how the world works.
All of us, who care about the happenings in our states, regions or local communities and are interested in bringing about change or to learn more about the civil society, or to get involved in the citizen´s life as an active and responsible citizen.
Activism for smart ones
Global Day of Action on Climate Change, Johannesburg

The aims of this material

The aim of this guide is to introduce the basic terms, that are related to the phenomenon of civil society and bring the understanding and ability to explain what the civil society is, what it consists of, why it is important and how beneficial it is to all the players in the public arena when understood and used well.

This module provides us with an opportunity to have a look at the history of civil society and to learn about various organisations or associations, approaches and activities thereof.

We would also like to show to our users, through examples, how citizens can engage in the processes of creating and developing of our society and how they can change the things that they consider important. We also offer space to brainstorm on how we can act on public issues and on the values that are important to us.


  • 36 pages
  • Opening questions
  • Closing questions
  • 2 practical tasks

Estimated length of the module: approx. 4 hours