This topic focuses on ecological issues, the role of mankind and what we can do for the sustainable future of our planet


“In nature's economy the currency is not money, it is life.” Shiva, Vandana, Physicist and activist

The environment is that which surrounds you, affects you and influences your living conditions. You exist in an interrelationship with your environment and should, as such, bear it in mind in your actions and being. Due to this the recognition of environmental issues as well as understanding ecological connections is extremely important. The global nature of this topic emphasizes the meaning of the seventh Millenium Development Goal clear, namely that ecological sustainability is important. The world population faces the challenge of finding sustainable ways to meet the demands of mankind in an environmentally friendly manner.

In this module you will come to understand your personal ecological footprint and and deal with examples of how your actions in the areas of accommodation, transport, consumption and nutrition affect the environment. You will get to the bottom of the term environment, get a feel for water consumption and use, and work out the consequences of water pollution on plants, animals and humans. You will also learn about different kinds of environmental damage to the soil and delve into the issues of biodiversity and environmental protection.


  • 19 pages
  • Opening questions
  • Closing questions
  • 2 practical exercises for which you will leave the computer and move around your room

Estimated length of the module: approx. 4 hours

  • Developed by: Koshina Switil, Baobab