This topic speaks about the world development, what it is and how it relates to us


This module will focus on development, the understanding of developing countries, their place in the global socio-economic context and how we can assist them in improving their situation from the individual to international level. This process as all processes is characterised by many changes, discussions and question marks along the way. Our aim is rather to enable you to start thinking critically than to answer all the questions.

Each of us can take part in changing the world. In reality we are changing it every day. We work for companies, organisations and intuitions with local, national and global connections. Connections that are characterised by a fast flow of information, heavy financial activity and high use of technology. To a larger extent than before these companies, organisations and institutions influence and are influenced by what happens in other parts of the world.

In this module we would like to give you a deeper insight to development. If we want to be a part of development changes in the world (as individuals, small communities, societies…), good intentions are a good starting point, but will definitely not be enough. After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • distinguish between relief, restoration and development,
  • describe different perspectives on development,
  • explain the conceptual and historic context of development initiatives,
  • analyse a given scenario and come up with strengths and weaknesses of a proposed intervention.


  • Module consists of 28 pages
  • Opening questions
  • Questions to reflect on
  • Exercises
  • Closing questions