Book recommendations, groundwork papers, videos and didactical materials

Misereoru.a. (2003): Kaffee. Material für Bildungsarbeit und Aktionen. AachenGlobal economyDeutsch
Raynolds, Laura T. and Douglas L. Murray (Hg. 2007): Fair trade. The challenges of transforming globalization. London: RoutledgeGlobal economyEnglish
Stiglitz, Joseph E. (2006): Making Globalization work. New York: W. W. Norton & CompanyGlobal economyDeutsch
Stückelberger, Christoph (2001) Ethischer Welthandel. Eine Übersicht. Bern/ViennaGlobal economyDeutsch
Thaler, Katrin (2010): Globalisierungverstehen. Menschen – Märkte – Politik. Vienna: BAOBABGlobal economyDeutsch
Werner, Klaus und Hans Weiss (2010): Das neue Schwarzbuch der Markenfirmen. Die Machenschaften der Weltkonzerne. Vienna: DeutickeGlobal economyDeutsch
WTO (Hg., 2012): World Trade Report 2012: Trade and public policies: A closer look at non-tariff measures in the 21stcentury. GenevaGlobal economyEnglish
The website of the worldwide flagship initiative with background information and statistics relating to fair tradeGlobal economyEnglish
Film and background information on the ecological, social, cultural and economic consequences of our affluent societyGlobal economyEnglish
Anti-Globalisation NGO which gives background information on economic topics on its websiteGlobal economyEnglish
How would the world look, if the size of the individual countries was decided by, for example, population, energy consumption or income? On this website you can find various versions of world mapsGlobal economyEnglish
The website of the United Nations with information and links to the Millenium Development GoalsGlobal economyEnglish
On the education page of the Oxfam website there are teaching materials on global citizenship education for teachers and educators, sorted by ageGlobal economyEnglish
A social network which seeks to empower young people and supports students as well as teachers with materials, ideas and background information on global topics and educationGlobal economyEnglish
Materials, ideas and annotated lesson plans on global education, sorted according to topic and languageGlobal economyEnglish
Canadian website on global education for teachers and educators. Materials and information on global issuesGlobal economyEnglish
A strategy game which approaches the working practices of companies criticallyGlobal economyEnglish
Despite the old fashioned name of the game you can learn how chronic poverty and hunger come about. In this free online strategy game you play a family in a developing country which strives to cover its basic needs through agricultureGlobal economyEnglish
Kattie Willis: Theories and practices of development, Routledge, Second edition, 2011DevelopmentEnglish
John Rapley: Understanding development, Theory and practice in the third world, Lynne Reinner Publishers, 2007DevelopmentEnglish