Book recommendations, groundwork papers, videos and didactical materials

DONNELLY, J.: Human Dignity and Human Rights; University of Denver; 2009Human rightsEnglish
VASAK, K.: Human Rights: A Thirty-Year Struggle: the Sustained Efforts to give Force of law to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; UNESCO Courier 30:11; 1977; pg. 29Human rightsEnglish
NATO bombing of YugoslaviaHuman rightsEnglish
2011 military intervention in LibyaHuman rightsEnglish
UNDP: Human rights and the Millenium Development Goals: Making the linkHuman rightsEnglish
CoE: Activism and the role of NGOsHuman rightsEnglish
CoE: Mandate of Council of Europe commissioner for human rightsHuman rightsEnglish
VACULČIAKOVÁ, M.: Media and development; PDCS and Slovak NGDO Platform; 2013Human rightsEnglish
PINTO, A.: Human rights and media; Dept of Media Studies, Christ College (Autonomous), Bangalore; 2007Human rightsEnglish
KABIR, MONJURUL, A.H.: Can social media help protect human rights?; UNDP Europe and CIS; 2011Human rightsEnglish
JOSEPH, S.: Social Media, Political Change, and Human Rights; In Boston College International and Comparative Law Review; Vol. 35, Issue 1, article 3Human rightsEnglish
OHCHR: A new world record: Universal Declaration in 370 languages; 2010Human rightsEnglish
UNICEF Institute for Statistics: Schooling for Millions of Children Jeopardised by Reduction in Aid; UIS fact sheet; June 2013; no. 25Human rightsEnglish
Constitution of Belize; PreambleHuman rightsEnglish
Constitution of South Africa; Chapter 2; Article 29Human rightsEnglish
Constitution of India; Article 45Human rightsEnglish
UNFPA: Human rights principlesHuman rightsEnglish
REPORTERS WITHOUT BORDERS: Biggest rises and falls in the 2014 World Press Freedom IndexHuman rightsEnglish
HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH: Venezuela: Violence Against Protesters, Journalists; February 2014Human rightsEnglish
Analysis of media outputs on Roma in SlovakiaHuman rightsEnglish