Book recommendations, groundwork papers, videos and didactical materials

KARIKARE, K.: African media breaks ‘culture of silence’; In Africa Renewal online; 2010Human rightsEnglish
Myslime KritickyCritical thinkingSlovenčina
Critical ThinkingCritical thinkingEnglish
Wikipedia on critical thinkingCritical thinkingEnglish
Section on theories, hypothesis, facts, including interesting quizzes and exercisesCritical thinkingEnglish
List of manipulative techniquesCritical thinkingEnglish
Filo, J.; Ivanič, P; Luppová, S. Myslime kriticky o médiách, Slovenské centrum pre komunikáciu a rozvoj, Bratislava 2011Critical thinkingSlovenčina
Mulnix, J. W. (2010). Thinking critically about critical thinking. Educational Philosophy and TheoryCritical thinkingEnglish
Argument Maps Improve Critical ThinkingCritical thinkingEnglish
Dauer, Francis Watanabe. Critical Thinking: An Introduction to Reasoning, 1989Critical thinkingEnglish
Paul, Richard. (1995) Critical Thinking: How to Prepare Students for a Rapidly Changing World. 4th ed. Foundation for Critical ThinkingCritical thinkingEnglish
Paul, Richard and Elder, Linda. (2006) Critical Thinking Tools for Taking Charge of Your Learning and Your Life, New Jersey: Prentice Hall PublishingCritical thinkingEnglish
Lectures on critical thinking on global issues, University of EdinburgCritical thinkingEnglish
Report sceptical about fairtrade prepared by local journalists and analystsCritical thinkingEnglish
Does Fair Trade Coffee Help the Poor? Evidence from Costa Rica and Guatemala - sceptical report on fairtradeCritical thinkingEnglish
Impact studies on fairtrade at Fairtrade international websiteCritical thinkingEnglish
Dimmel, Nikolaus/ Heitzmann, Karin/ Schenk, Martin (2009): Handbuch Armut in Österreich. Innsbruck: StudienverlagPovertyDeutsch
Immel, Karl-Albrecht/ Tränkle, Klaus (2001): Aktenzeichen Armut. Globalisierung in Texten und Grafiken. Wuppertal: Peter Hammer VerlagPovertyDeutsch
Krämer, Georg (2013): Datenblatt Entwicklungspolitik. Neueste statistische Daten für Unterricht und andere Zwecke. Bielefeld: Welthaus BielefeldPovertyDeutsch
Sachs, Jeffrey D. (2005): The End Of Poverty. Economic Possiblities four Our Time. New York: The Penguin PressPovertyDeutsch