Book recommendations, groundwork papers, videos and didactical materials

The international association for climate change provides a wealth of reports on global climate changeClimate changeEnglish
The internet page of the global organisation for meteorology which deals with the topic of the climate in general and in particular with the state of the earth’s atmosphere, the oceans and the distribution of water resourcesClimate changeEnglish
The report „Emission Gap 2012“ by the UNEPClimate changeEnglish
Reports and information from the European Environmental Agency on, among others, the topic of climate changeClimate changeEnglish
You can find information and illustrations about the greenhouse gas emissions of certain industrialised and developing countiresClimate changeEnglish
An international initiative which informs people about climate protection measuresClimate changeEnglish
The local consequences of global warming are shown on this mapClimate changeEnglish
What would the world look like if the size of the individual countries was decided by, for example, population, energy use or income? On this website you can find various versions of world mapsClimate changeEnglish
The Austrian climate portal provides a wealth of information and reports in both German and EnglishClimate changeEnglish
The internet page of the film “A good day has 100 points”. You can analyze your own day, see how many points your day to day activities cost and look for alternativesClimate changeEnglish
You can calculate your own personal ecological footprint hereClimate changeEnglish
An emissions calculator for flights and information about climate friendly travelClimate changeEnglish
An online strategy game which places you in the roles of company leaders and faces you with climate protection decisionsClimate changeEnglish
This platform offers information and concrete educational materials and ideas for classesClimate changeEnglish
Kodex Hammurabi (1772 v.Chr.)Human rightsDeutsch
Zyrus Charta der Menschenrechte (539 v.Chr.)Human rightsDeutsch
Magna Charta Libertatum (1215, England)Human rightsDeutsch
Allgemeine Erklärung der Menschenrechte (1948)Human rightsDeutsch
UN-Kinderrechtskonvention 1989Human rightsDeutsch
UN-Menschenrechtserklärung für Menschen mit Behinderung (1975)Human rightsDeutsch